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You can be a supporter from € 50 and help you realize our concerts and projects. As a modest consideration, we give supporters a CD and an invitation for friends activities such as public rehearsals.

You receive tax benefits through the Grant Act. Your one-off or periodic donation, your registered fund or estate is of significant importance to Concerto d'Amsterdam. But even the smallest gift is welcome. And necessary.

Concerto d'Amsterdam has been designated by the Tax Authorities as a cultural ANBI (Public Benefit Organization). Your donation is therefore tax deductible.

one-time donations 
You donate an amount once and we are forever grateful. And you will also enjoy it yourself because all the money we receive will benefit the quality of our ensemble. For one-time donations, these are deductible if the total donations made to recognized charities exceed the threshold amount in a year. The threshold amount is 1% of your income, with a minimum of 60. You can deduct what you donate more. The maximum deduction amount is 10% of your threshold income (the deduction ceiling). The ceiling may be increased by an additional deduction of 25% on the gift to cultural institutions through the Grant Act. The threshold income is the total of your income and deductible items in boxes 1, 2 and 3, minus your personal allowance. You can find more information and conditions on the website of the Tax Authorities.

Do you want to make a one-time donation? Then you can click here or transfer your gift to Stichting Concerto d'Amsterdam on IBAN NL97 INGB 0000 600450, stating a one-off donation. Many thanks in advance for your contribution!

periodic donations
Do you want to support Concerto d'Amsterdam structurally? If you pledge your donation for at least five consecutive years and record it in a private deed (so without the intervention of a notary), your donation is fully deductible from your taxable income.

how does periodic donation work?
The condition is that you donate the same amount for at least five consecutive years. The minimum amount of the annual donation is 90. This periodic donation is recorded in a private deed, a written agreement between you and the Concerto d'Amsterdam Foundation (without the intervention of a notary).

the 'Geefwet'
The Geefwet provides an extra incentive for the deduction of income tax on donations to Cultural ANBIs (Public Benefit Institutions). The Concerto d'Amsterdam Foundation has this status. This means that under certain conditions you may deduct 125% (instead of 100%) of your periodic donation for income tax purposes. The multiplication factor (multiplier) of 125% applies to donations of up to 5,000 per year. If you donate more than 5,000 per year, you can deduct the remaining amount for the regular percentage (100%) from the income tax.

calculation example
Suppose your income tax rate is 2% and you earn 50,000. You want to donate 200 per year to Concerto d'Amsterdam. That is less than 1% of your gross income and is therefore normally not deductible. Unless you record your donation in a private deed and thereby optimize your donation. In addition, the Give Act makes your periodic donation 125% deductible from your taxable income. With a donation of 200, recorded in a deed, the deductible gift becomes 250, the tax benefit 105, and you only pay 95, - net. Easily calculate your benefit with the Schenkcalculator >.

private deed
Since 2014, a notarial deed is no longer required for a periodic donation, but a private deed is sufficient. Concerto d'Amsterdam uses the model of the Tax Authorities for this. If you want to promise your gift for five years and enjoy a tax benefit, complete the forms below (online) and send them to Concerto d'Amsterdam. After registration we will send you one copy of the deed for your tax administration. We can also send you the paper forms.

periodic gift agreement >
authorization for periodic gift >

You can find more information and conditions on the website of the Tax Authorities.

registered fund
Are you considering a large donation with a personal interpretation? Then a registered fund may be the preferred route. A registered fund is a gift with a specific assignment. You determine the objective of your fund yourself. For example, you can contribute structurally to international tours or new composition assignments. You can read more about it below. We will of course also be happy to personally discuss the many options with you and how you want to be involved.

You determine the name of your fund yourself. This can be your own name or a name that refers to the goal. A fund as a gift for or in memory of a loved one is also possible. You can set up the fund during your life or after death by including the fund in your will.

You build up a registered fund in at least five years, by investing at least 10,000 each year, or the entire amount in one go. In both cases you receive a substantial tax benefit. The Nieuw Ensemble ensures that the money is spent for your specific purpose and takes care of the administrative part, including the settlement by the notary.

We are happy to discuss the destination of your gift with you and the way in which you want to be involved in the goal of your choice.

Securing the future of Concerto d'Amsterdam, maintaining what Concerto d'Amsterdam stands for: the very own sound, the excellent level of soloists of the musicians, the passion and dynamics, innovative programming and international projects. And pass that on to future generations. By including Concerto d'Amsterdam in your will, you contribute to this. You can choose between a legacy and an inheritance.

You can include Concerto d'Amsterdam in your will in the form of a bequest, whereby you declare that Concerto d'Amsterdam will receive a certain amount or a property.

(co) heir
You can also name Concerto d'Amsterdam as (joint) heir. That means that you give Concerto d'Amsterdam, together with any other heirs, the right to your entire estate. Your property is divided among the various heirs according to the provisions of your will.

exemption from inheritance tax
Concerto d'Amsterdam, as a public benefit organization (ANBI), is exempt from inheritance tax. Your donation is therefore entirely for the benefit of the orchestra. It is therefore profitable to record your contribution to the future of Concerto d'Amsterdam now. If you want to share your ideas with us, or want to further formulate them in consultation, please contact us.

We are happy to tell you more about the various forms of donation. For this you can contact Jasper Berben, business manager, available by mail:

We are very grateful!